We live in a universe darkly lit by decaying photons and sunborn matter. Biospheres cluster around gravity wells, civilizations form deep inside their warm hearts and fall apart again. Life blooms, briefly and in isolation. A bottomless solitude suffuses the universe, bleaker and colder than dark matter. A solitude that can never wholly be broken, not even in places teeming with life, not by social animals and not by civilizations and high cultures. But even the most forlorn and most secluded shore can be terrifyingly radiant.

glacial light
half asleep on solar shores
dreams decay

ashen dawn
above mercurial shores
seagulls scream

Venusian shore
I hunger for her
lush smile

Hesperian glow
smouldering coals
after dusk

her solarized shadow
billowing deep underneath
Phosphorian clouds

harlequin dancers
aflame in nacreous red
on Venusian shores

Cytherean shores
we eat miso soup
in dusk’s shadows

behind her ribs
a fen fire bears fruit
Hesperian forest

drifting awake
honeyed light submerges
Venusian shores

caustic skies
floating underneath
Terran shores

her molten core
uncoils magnetic petals
Telluric dream

Gaian molasses
under a crust of kinetic green
splintered aeons

distant dawn
is it the trail of a crab
on this Martian shore?

the smell of fire
clings to these autumn leaves
Arean forest

rusty dawn
lazily entangling on
Martian shores

boiling clouds
on Jovian shores a sentinel
sips barley tea

dusky surge
the marbled fragrance
of Jovian shores

marble-fringed sky
on Jovian shores we dream
of fallen eons

Saturnine morning
the fragmented icy sky
illumes my bedroom

his dark croak
pierces the Cronian shores
May tempest crow

Saturnian shores
a lone church bell
splits the twilight

Uranian shores
only a lighthouse
illumines the dawn

Neptunian shores
covered with snow
a wanderer’s cowl

pellucid dawn
trailing Neptunian shores
moon jellyfish

Neptunian shores
the surging billows
in unseen stars

Plutonian shores
in a mist of decaying photons
crabs wait dreaming

crepuscular rays
glisten on star-wind ridges
Plutonian shores

Yuggothian shores
beneath silvery ice flows
black stone terraces

night-teeming craters
the glint of fireflies beyond
Charonian shores

fungi-scented mist
below the star-clouded void
Dysnomian shores

shadows coalesce
beneath Fomalhaut’s silence
Dagonian shores

dry and cold winter
we eat coconut ice cream
beneath the Oort cloud

crystallized photons
doze in midnight’s luscious heart
cometary shores

blossoms in the sky
above this glassy darkness
stellar winds unfurl

firefly clouds
floating in the night ocean
galactic shores

among onyx skies
Magellanic butterflies
drink argent nectar